5 Best Ways to Choose Which Orchid to Buy

If you can’t travel around the world to buy Orchids from countries where they grow naturally, the next best thing can be to buy them online. In this article, we share our 5 best ways to choose which Orchid to buy. We also share the best places to buy Orchids online.

When you buy Orchids from sellers without quality plants, you may later need to search online how to bring your sick Orchid back to life. The best places to buy Orchids sell beautiful strong plants that should grow well for you.

  1. When you buy Orchids online (this is the best page to start), pay close attention to see if the plant is at blooming size or if it will be at blooming size within a year or two. If you are not an Orchid expert yet and you choose Orchids which are too small to bloom for years, it could be difficult to get them to thrive as easily.
  2. If you want to find cheap Orchids, you’ll need to look very closely for good plants. Quite often cheap Orchids are either young plants that are far from blooming or Orchids with other issues. For each cheap Orchid plant you plan to buy, leave enough time to shop for bargains so you can read the description of an Orchid carefully. This way you can see why the Orchid is at a discount or if it is just a great deal where you may want to buy a few plants.
  3. If you want to give an Orchid as a gift, consider a Phalaenopsis Orchid. The pink Orchid in the photo above is a Phalaenopsis Orchid. This type of Orchid can bloom up to months at a time and can can be very easy to grow.
  4. Although there are many Orchid Websites, we recommend buying Orchids here at Amazon. Amazon selects Orchid sellers carefully and often there are reviews of Orchids from customers.
  5. Orchids aren’t the easiest of all plants to grow. It can help to read a good Orchid book or multiple books to learn more about Orchids.


If you want to give an Orchid as a gift of get a nice splash of color on your table with sprays of beautiful flowers, consider fresh Orchids!

What goes well with Orchids at home? We recommend American art from Favorite Places Art here on Etsy.

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5 Reasons Why Sharry Baby is the Best Orchid to Buy as a Gift

Sharry Baby is an Orchid that is easy to grow but it also has many other features that make it stand out. Sharry Baby is the ideal Orchid to buy and give as a gift. When you buy Orchids online, consider first buying Sharry Baby. If we were to start buying Orchids again from scratch, we would first buy Sharry Baby here.

  1. Sharry Baby is an Oncidium type of Orchid. This type of Orchid has pseudobulbs which store water so it can be watered less often. In fact, Oncidium Sharry Baby likes to almost dry out between waterings.
  2. Oncidium Sharry Baby smells like chocolate when it blooms! Sometimes the gentle fragrance can be easy to smell 10 or 15 feet away. To some people it smells like vanilla, which is also a wonderful smell.
  3. This Orchid blooms for 1-3 months per flower spike. If Sharry Baby is an established part of your Orchid collection, you can get more flowers on a flower spike than on a young plant. An established Sharry Baby Orchid usually is at least 3 years old with 3+ pseudobulbs.
  4. Sharry Baby likes bright indirect light. This means you can place it near a window behind a curtain or a bit away from the window with no curtain.
  5. If you like fast growing Orchids, you’ll like Sharry Baby. It is a vigorous grower.

Here is the best seller and deal at Amazon to buy Sharry Baby.

Orchid information and plants we recommend:

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Most Popular Orchids to Grow at Home

Whether you want to order an Orchid online for yourself or if you plan on giving an Orchid as a gift (such as an Orchid basket), there are more ideal Orchids the beginning through intermediate Orchid grower can do well with at home. When you choose from the most popular Orchids that people buy, you’re getting proven Orchids that should live for a long time.

You can learn from experience we have growing thousands of Orchids throughout this site. We also suggest you check out The Orchid Whisperer here, since it provides the widest range of recent care/growing tips we’ve seen published.

There are many differences in care needed for various types of Orchids. When you choose the most popular Orchids to grow at home, you’re selecting Orchids that will more likely thrive for you.

  1. The most popular Orchids to grow are Phalaenopsis Orchids.  Phalaenopsis Orchids can thrive in low light conditions and they often bloom for 2+ months, sometimes more than one time per year. There are also Phalaenopsis Orchids that bloom for 6 to 12 months, or even more. Popular colors include red, pink, yellow, and white. Here is the best selection of Phalaenopsis Orchids to choose from when buying online.
  2. Species Orchids are the second most popular type of Orchids to grow at home. With so many unique and interesting varieties to choose from, you can find Orchids in an incredible number of shapes and sizes. Species Orchids come in small sizes through very large plants. This is our favorite selection to choose from online, with hundreds of species Orchids to choose from.
  3. Cattleya Orchids are the third most popular Orchids to grow at home. Blooming for a mere 2-6 weeks per flowering cycle, people tend to love the large flowers and showy colors. Many Cattleya hybrids have been bred to flower longer. This is our favorite selection of Cattleya Orchids to buy online.
  4. Dendrobium Orchids come up fourth on our list in order of popularity. Some are easy to grow while others need very specific care such as cool nights. Dendrobiums are popular since many of these Orchids bloom for months at a time, have bright showy flowers, and thrive with more sunlight. These are the best Dendrobiums to select from online for home growing.
  5. Vandaceous Orchids often have elegant flowers that drape, lasting for months. Vandas may bloom so long that you may think the plant isn’t even real! This is a spectacular selection of Vanda Orchids for sale online.

There are many other types of Orchids to grow at home for the hobbyist or new Orchid grower. This page lists hundreds of Orchids to select from online.

A fun way to buy Orchids can be to buy a gift certificate here for $50 or more, give the gift certificate to a close friend, and see what Orchids your friend buys. Whether they end up buying some of the most popular orchids, cut Orchid flowers, gift Orchid baskets, or other unique types of Orchids, you can have fun seeing the large variety there is when buying Orchid plants.

You can also find some Orchid deals through Sites Reviews here.

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Four Keys Tips to Ensure Orchids Aren’t Overwatered

If the leaves on your Orchid are yellow and turning slightly translucent, this may mean you have an Orchid issue of overwatering. Sometimes Orchid leaves are turning partially yellow and not yet fully yellow, and this can also be a sign of overwatering. Part of diagnosing if your Orchid is overwatered is also to consider if there is a chance it could be underwatered, getting sunburn on the leaves (such as too close to a bright window), or the wrong temperature during day or night. Although some Orchids (such as Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum Orchids) don’t like to totally dry out between waterings, many Orchids such as Cattleyas and Dendrobiums do like to briefly dry out between waterings.

If you are leaning toward the chance your Orchid plant is overwatered, know it doesn’t always happen due to watering too often. That may sound strange, but please read on. Quite often, overwatering is a result of the Orchid plant sitting in a saucer or on rocks where the holes in the bottom of the pot are not placed correctly and are backing up the water. Sometimes the holes in a pot are blocked. Once you ensure the pot drainage holes are clear and that water can also drain from the holes, you can check if the Orchid mix is old and not draining. If this is the case that the Orchid mix is old, you’ll need to repot your Orchid.

Here are four key tips to ensure Orchids aren’t overwatered:

  1. If possible, don’t water your Orchid wherever it normally sits, such as a shelf. Take the Orchid to a sink and water it thoroughly there. That way, the extra water can drain out and the Orchid plant has all the water it needs.
  2. When you think your Orchid may need water, lift the pot and feel the weight. Lift the Orchid and get a feel how heavy it is just after watering as well as when it is dry. This way, when the plant is getting dry and needs water, you will know by the weight of the pot.
  3. Know what types of Orchids you have and whether each likes to dry out between waterings.
  4. Group your orchids by how much sun they need as well as watering needs. This will help prevent both sunburn and watering issues.

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What Factors Influence How Well an Orchid Gift Will Do?

In our experience over the years with Orchids, we see a lot of people shopping for Orchids to buy as gifts online, but going mostly or only by price. Even if shopping just by price at eBay.com for Orchids or Amazon.com for Orchids (the best sites online to buy Orchid Gifts), the quality of the Orchid you buy really does depend on a number of factors.

  1. There are a number of Orchid growers selling through Amazon, and the best sellers have consistently high reviews from more than just a few Amazon verified Orchid buyers.
  2. If you buy an Orchid that is only one or two years old, you can guess the Orchid is probably not yet ready to bloom. Most Orchids that are already blooming size are minimum of 3-5 years old.
  3. Not every Orchid you buy is the same age. Some Orchids are sold in flasks. Although you may get dozens or hundreds of plants in a flask, those that live will take years to get to blooming size. In addition, it will then take repotting Orchids from flasks a number of times (stages) until they are in large enough pots with enough roots and leaves to bloom.
  4. If you buy an Orchid and the photo has a disclaimer related to the Orchid not being similar to the one you will buy, go to another Website. It is easy to take a good photo of an Orchid that will be similar to what you will buy, so you can look for those sites including real, relevant Orchid plant photos.
  5. If an Orchid has been grown well at the nursery in early years, it will have more strength when it later grows for you. You will want to receive an Orchid with green leaves (not yellow), strong roots, and no broken stems.

A good way to buy Orchids is to shop at Amazon by reviews and best sellers. Here is the list of Amazon best sellers in Orchids.

You can also find great Orchid sellers by buying those Orchids with reviews from SitesReviews.com here.

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