Month: July 2006

POE 2006 exhibits

In this photograph from POE 2006, you can see a sampling of the kinds of amazing displays present. This particular one was a volcano exhibit in the show area. Back to Orchid Tips Website

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Golden Gate Orchids Display at POE 2006

This was the Golden Gate Orchids display at Pacific Orchid Exposition 2006. Tom Perlite, who runs Golden Gate Orchids, in the SF Bay area, is one of my favorite Orchid growers/sellers anywhere. His greenhouses are packed with high quality Orchids,

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Pacific Orchid Exposition Information to Teach You About Orchid Care

It is in the Marina district of San Francisco, with this exhibition hall divided in two halves. The first half of the show when you walk in the door (furthest in this photograph) is the show area. Then, the other

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Orchid Lessons from Pacific Orchid Exposition Photos 2006

This category, Orchid lessons learned from the Pacific Orchid Exposition 2006 event, is for information I can teach you about Orchids from these photos at Pacific Orchid Exposition 2006. I will plan to post something every evening with good insight

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Ten most popular Orchids for California weather

Ten most popular Orchids for California weather Cymbidium Dendrobium nobile Dendrobium kingianum Some SLCs Encyclia Laelia Some Paphiopedilums Zygopetalums Dendrobium speciosum Laelia speciosa

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