Month: September 2007

The Rarest Orchids in the World

As most garden experts know, Orchids are one of the most prized flowers in the world. Orchid growing is one of the top hobbies of people around the globe. Orchids are prized for their glamour and beauty. There are some

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Orchid Grower’s Companion: Cultivation, Propagation, and Varieties

Orchids are definitely one of the most fascinating plants in the world today. Its beauty is very rare and exotic. You can learn all about growing different variety of orchids in the book, “Orchids Grower’ Companion.” This book is written

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Top Five Countries to Buy Orchids From

Though orchid growing is not as difficult as most people say, you still have to get in mind of the type or variety of orchid that you want to grow and cultivate. And, of course, this largely depends on the

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Top 10 Countries Orchids are from and What the Climate is Like in Each

Orchids thrive in varied climatic conditions and each climatic zone has helped evolution of unique characteristics of this plant. Lets have a look at the climate profile of the top 10 counties where orchids are found. Thailand has a tropical

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Purple Dendrobium Orchid

Orchids have intrigued serious gardeners for centuries more than any other plant. In fact, if people think of exotic and delicate flowers the first thing that comes to their mind are orchids. Orchids have been loved by many for a

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