About Us

Our primary writer worked for years for Rod McLellan Company (the world’s largest Orchid Company at the time):

  1. managing, training, overseeing staff who took care of large greenhouses full of tens of thousands of Orchids
  2. managing employees, to oversee thousands of breeding plants, worth between $25 to $10,000 each plant
  3. managing staff that cared for sick Orchids, all varieties, nursing back to health
  4. became public speaker and gave hundreds of on and offsite talks to groups of over a hundred people
  5. as staff trainer (did motivation as well)
  6. company photographer with collection of over 2000 final images in full library room for publication usage
  7. R&D person finding new Orchids and other plants
  8. hybridizing new varieties of Orchids for company, became an expert in this
  9. traveling extensively, visiting other Orchid Growers, identifying new plants to grow, making connections
  10. became Orchid judge
  11. did design work
  12. did advertising work
  13. writing ads and articles for publications, was featured in newspapers, books, magazines, also including featured article on Colmanara Wildcat in Orchids magazine distributed to over 100,000 people
  14. as potograper, and was featured in many magazines, books, newspapers
  15. designing themed company displays for Pacific Orchid Exposition, selected Orchids, was at Pacific Orchid Exposition show for interviews and to help people, was on TV for one themed display – that year had recreated a 1920’s ballroom full of Orchids with dancers projected on stage display screen
  16. and much more

So, as you can see, if you have Orchid questions, feel free to post them in comment fields on this website and I can help. Please tell your friends about this website and lets get more people growing Orchids successfully!

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