Most Popular Orchids to Grow at Home

Whether you want to order an Orchid online for yourself or if you plan on giving an Orchid as a gift (such as an Orchid basket), there are more ideal Orchids the beginning through intermediate Orchid grower can do well with at home. When you choose from the most popular Orchids that people buy, you’re getting proven Orchids that should live for a long time.

You can learn from experience we have growing thousands of Orchids throughout this site. We also suggest you check out The Orchid Whisperer here, since it provides the widest range of recent care/growing tips we’ve seen published.

There are many differences in care needed for various types of Orchids. When you choose the most popular Orchids to grow at home, you’re selecting Orchids that will more likely thrive for you.

  1. The most popular Orchids to grow are Phalaenopsis Orchids.  Phalaenopsis Orchids can thrive in low light conditions and they often bloom for 2+ months, sometimes more than one time per year. There are also Phalaenopsis Orchids that bloom for 6 to 12 months, or even more. Popular colors include red, pink, yellow, and white. Here is the best selection of Phalaenopsis Orchids to choose from when buying online.
  2. Species Orchids are the second most popular type of Orchids to grow at home. With so many unique and interesting varieties to choose from, you can find Orchids in an incredible number of shapes and sizes. Species Orchids come in small sizes through very large plants. This is our favorite selection to choose from online, with hundreds of species Orchids to choose from.
  3. Cattleya Orchids are the third most popular Orchids to grow at home. Blooming for a mere 2-6 weeks per flowering cycle, people tend to love the large flowers and showy colors. Many Cattleya hybrids have been bred to flower longer. This is our favorite selection of Cattleya Orchids to buy online.
  4. Dendrobium Orchids come up fourth on our list in order of popularity. Some are easy to grow while others need very specific care such as cool nights. Dendrobiums are popular since many of these Orchids bloom for months at a time, have bright showy flowers, and thrive with more sunlight. These are the best Dendrobiums to select from online for home growing.
  5. Vandaceous Orchids often have elegant flowers that drape, lasting for months. Vandas may bloom so long that you may think the plant isn’t even real! This is a spectacular selection of Vanda Orchids for sale online.

There are many other types of Orchids to grow at home for the hobbyist or new Orchid grower. This page lists hundreds of Orchids to select from online.

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