Orchid Recommendation: Exotic Mini Phalaenopsis

This mini Phalaenopsis Orchid below (named Country Sunset) is one of our favorites. There are pink, purple, white, spotted, striped, and other variations in Phalaenopsis flower colors and patterns. Usually Phalaenopsis Orchids seen in homes and offices have quite a few flowers on each arching spike / stem. Each flower spike will last a couple of months on average, with flowers opening from one end of the stem to the other.

In the case of the yellow Phalaenopsis Orchid below, each flower is longer lasting than a standard Phalaenopsis Orchid from our experience. The yellow flowers are bright and sunny, exotic, thick, waxy, and vibrant. The plant is compact. This Phalaenopsis is very affordable, and we noticed it ships budded and ready to bloom from well known 1-800-Flowers.com. It comes planted in a beautiful 3″ terracotta-style planter with saucer. Here is a link to read about and/or purchase this beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid.

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