5 Best Ways to Choose Which Orchid to Buy

If you can’t travel around the world to buy Orchids from countries where they grow naturally, the next best thing can be to buy them online. In this article, we share our 5 best ways to choose which Orchid to buy. We also share the best places to buy Orchids online.

When you buy Orchids from sellers without quality plants, you may later need to search online how to bring your sick Orchid back to life. The best places to buy Orchids sell beautiful strong plants that should grow well for you.

  1. When you buy Orchids online (this is the best page to start), pay close attention to see if the plant is at blooming size or if it will be at blooming size within a year or two. If you are not an Orchid expert yet and you choose Orchids which are too small to bloom for years, it could be difficult to get them to thrive as easily.
  2. If you want to find cheap Orchids, you’ll need to look very closely for good plants. Quite often cheap Orchids are either young plants that are far from blooming or Orchids with other issues. For each cheap Orchid plant you plan to buy, leave enough time to shop for bargains so you can read the description of an Orchid carefully. This way you can see why the Orchid is at a discount or if it is just a great deal where you may want to buy a few plants.
  3. If you want to give an Orchid as a gift, consider a Phalaenopsis Orchid. The pink Orchid in the photo above is a Phalaenopsis Orchid. This type of Orchid can bloom up to months at a time and can can be very easy to grow.
  4. Although there are many Orchid Websites, we recommend buying Orchids here at Amazon. Amazon selects Orchid sellers carefully and often there are reviews of Orchids from customers.
  5. Orchids aren’t the easiest of all plants to grow. It can help to read a good Orchid book or multiple books to learn more about Orchids.


If you want to give an Orchid as a gift of get a nice splash of color on your table with sprays of beautiful flowers, consider fresh Orchids!

What goes well with Orchids at home? We recommend American art from Favorite Places Art here on Etsy.

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