What Factors Influence How Well an Orchid Gift Will Do?

In our experience over the years with Orchids, we see a lot of people shopping for Orchids to buy as gifts online, but going mostly or only by price. Even if shopping just by price at eBay.com for Orchids or Amazon.com for Orchids (the best sites online to buy Orchid Gifts), the quality of the Orchid you buy really does depend on a number of factors.

  1. There are a number of Orchid growers selling through Amazon, and the best sellers have consistently high reviews from more than just a few Amazon verified Orchid buyers.
  2. If you buy an Orchid that is only one or two years old, you can guess the Orchid is probably not yet ready to bloom. Most Orchids that are already blooming size are minimum of 3-5 years old.
  3. Not every Orchid you buy is the same age. Some Orchids are sold in flasks. Although you may get dozens or hundreds of plants in a flask, those that live will take years to get to blooming size. In addition, it will then take repotting Orchids from flasks a number of times (stages) until they are in large enough pots with enough roots and leaves to bloom.
  4. If you buy an Orchid and the photo has a disclaimer related to the Orchid not being similar to the one you will buy, go to another Website. It is easy to take a good photo of an Orchid that will be similar to what you will buy, so you can look for those sites including real, relevant Orchid plant photos.
  5. If an Orchid has been grown well at the nursery in early years, it will have more strength when it later grows for you. You will want to receive an Orchid with green leaves (not yellow), strong roots, and no broken stems.

A good way to buy Orchids is to shop at Amazon by reviews and best sellers. Here is the list of Amazon best sellers in Orchids.

You can also find great Orchid sellers by buying those Orchids with reviews from SitesReviews.com here.

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