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5 Reasons Why Sharry Baby is the Best Orchid to Buy as a Gift

Sharry Baby is an Orchid that is easy to grow but it also has many other features that make it stand out. Sharry Baby is the ideal Orchid to buy and give as a gift. When you buy Orchids online,

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Most Popular Orchids to Grow at Home

Whether you want to order an Orchid online for yourself or if you plan on giving an Orchid as a gift (such as an Orchid basket), there are more ideal Orchids the beginning through intermediate Orchid grower can do well

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Orchid Recommendation: Exotic Mini Phalaenopsis

This mini Phalaenopsis Orchid below (named Country Sunset) is one of our favorites. There are pink, purple, white, spotted, striped, and other variations in Phalaenopsis flower colors and patterns. Usually Phalaenopsis Orchids seen in homes and offices have quite a

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Top Orchids Our Readers Choose

There is a huge variety in Orchids our Website readers choose. In fact, it is such a wide variety that we could only identify two Orchids where so many people let us know they select them that we can say

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How to go Out and Buy Orchids

People often ask me how I choose Orchids in the San Francisco Bay Area. Choosing Orchids here is just like buying them anywhere else. If going to a large store, it is important the Orchids have not been mistreated. I

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