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Get Started with Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis Orchids

Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis Orchids tend to be top favorites of Orchid growers. The reason for the Phalaenopsis Orchid being in this group is that the perfect indoor Orchid is a Phalaenopsis. It is easy to grow, has long lasting flowers,

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Fantastic Kinds of Orchids and Where to to Find Them

For some, gardening is an activity or even an art that provides pride, pleasure and relaxation since you get to toil and enjoy the beauty you create. One of the many flowers that ardent gardeners grow is the Orchid, surely

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Gongora armeniaca

This is an Orchid that likes to hang in a basket. Very nice petite flowers and a rare Orchid. Not the easiest to grow, but with some good air movement, humidity, light, and care, it will grow just fine. Here

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Zygopetalum Kiwi Geyser ‘Mendenhall’

This is an Orchid that likes warm temperatures with very good air movement. It is easy to get spotting on the leaves of this exptic, tropical plant. The flowers are wonderful, usually in sets of 2-10. View more information about

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Bulbophyllum lilacinum ‘Cherokee’ CBM/AOS X self

This is a very interesting Orchid. Not because it blooms a very long time… or even is a large Orchid… in fact it is very small. What is interesting is just how compact and detailed this Orchid is. Beautiful plant.

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