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Best 5 Ways to Bring an Orchid Back to Life…

These are the best 5 ways to care for your Orchid and bring the Orchid back to life when it is almost dead. Orchid care miracles aren’t guaranteed, but hopefully these techniques for Orchids help you! They usually have helped

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Orchid Care Information FAQ’s

When is the best time to repot my Orchid? After the Orchid is done blooming. If it is an Orchid with numerous canes or Pseudobulbs (Dendrobium, Cattleya, Oncidium, Miltonia, etc.), wait until the new growth starts. If it is an

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Orchid Care and Troubleshooting

Orchid Care and Troubleshooting – Things to look out for and fixes for common Orchid care problems Orchid has small plant growing on flower stem Plant is in distress, some part of the growing conditions are incorrect, probably over watering,

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Top 7 Phalaenopsis Orchids To Grow – From an Orchid Expert

As an Orchid expert, these are the top 7 kinds of Phalaenopsis Orchids I recommend to choose and grow. There are many kinds of Phalaenopsis Orchids, and I have chosen an execellent representation below to show the cross section of

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Who Else Wants to Grow an Easy to Care for Dendrobium?

Dendrobium Orchids are some of the easiest Orchids to care for. They love warmer weather, drying out between waterings for a day or so, and come in many colors. Dendrobiums come in yellow, green, pink, white, purple, red, and mixes

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