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New Orchid Resource Page

We’ve just created this new Orchid resource page for those beginning through expert Orchid growers who want more information on Orchids, Orchids background, Orchid care help, and Orchid fertilizing information. Orchid information and plants we recommend: Phalaenopsis Orchids (easy to

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Orange Cattleya Relatives

Epilaelia Bussey x Lc. Trick or Treat, floriferous, easy to grow, short plants, blooms 1-2 months SLC Mine Gold ‘OC’ AM/AOS, blooms 2-3 weeks, floriferous Orchid information and plants we recommend: Phalaenopsis Orchids (easy to grow, bloom long time) Orchid

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Pacific Orchid Exposition Odontioda

In the front of this image is Odontioda George McMahon. In the back on the left is Oda. Golden Rialto. Both beautiful plants to grow.

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Masdevallia Orchids That Stood Out from POE 2006

The first two of these Masdevallia Orchids below are wild species Orchids and the third is a hybrid. Caring for hybrid and wild Orchids is no different – it always depends on the particular kind of Orchid. Wild Orchids aren’t

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POE 2006 exhibits

In this photograph from POE 2006, you can see a sampling of the kinds of amazing displays present. This particular one was a volcano exhibit in the show area. Back to Orchid Tips Website

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