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8 Best Companies to Buy Orchids Online

Over the years, we’ve worked with, visited, and tested buying Orchids from many companies online. Being Orchid growers ourselves and experts in the industry, it is very useful that we know what to look for when plants ship. We especially

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Learn Orchid Care Strategies to Grow Beautiful Orchids Here

It can take quite a bit of time to test techniques with orchid care, and figure out orchid care strategies to grow beautiful orchids that will bloom and flourish for many years to come. Luckily, you don’t have to do

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Top 5 Most Popular Orchid Books Our Readers Choose

For years we’ve recommended our favorite Orchid books to our dedicated audience. We have listened to what you our readers actually choose as your favorite books to add to your collection. We have found there are five very most popular

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5 Top Tips on Choosing Great Orchids to Buy

Is it easy to choose great Orchids? No. When choosing Orchids to buy, here are some very helpful tips: Look for any unhealthy buds Look for yellowing leaves Ensure roots are silver, green, or yellow and not dried out Ensure

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Orchid Problems

These are the categories and items to look out for with Orchid problems. Over watering – Too much watering can kill Orchid roots over time. More often people over water than under water. Too much watering is clearly seen with

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