Best 5 Ways to Bring an Orchid Back to Life…

These are the best 5 ways to care for your Orchid and bring the Orchid back to life when it is almost dead. Orchid care miracles aren’t guaranteed, but hopefully these techniques for Orchids help you! They usually have helped me.

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  1. Light: If the leaves are dark green, get more light. If they are light green, decrease light. If they have sunburn, decrease light.
  2. Orchid Roots: If the leaves are dissolving and mushy, repot into soaked Orchid bark in a smaller pot. If the roots are still alive but not mushy, and instead are dry, water a bit more.
  3. Fertilizing: If the Orchid has salts built up around edges of pot, wash the plant with clear water, then fertilize less.
  4. Leaves: If there are no leaves left, your Orchid may be done. If there are any leaves left, there may be hope, so care for the plant carefully.
  5. Bacteria on Orchid leaves: Cut the the plant leaf closer to the plant so the bacyteris cannot spread.

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