Four Keys Tips to Ensure Orchids Aren’t Overwatered

If the leaves on your Orchid are yellow and turning slightly translucent, this may mean you have an Orchid issue of overwatering. Sometimes Orchid leaves are turning partially yellow and not yet fully yellow, and this can also be a sign of overwatering. Part of diagnosing if your Orchid is overwatered is also to consider if there is a chance it could be underwatered, getting sunburn on the leaves (such as too close to a bright window), or the wrong temperature during day or night. Although some Orchids (such as Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum Orchids) don’t like to totally dry out between waterings, many Orchids such as Cattleyas and Dendrobiums do like to briefly dry out between waterings.

If you are leaning toward the chance your Orchid plant is overwatered, know it doesn’t always happen due to watering too often. That may sound strange, but please read on. Quite often, overwatering is a result of the Orchid plant sitting in a saucer or on rocks where the holes in the bottom of the pot are not placed correctly and are backing up the water. Sometimes the holes in a pot are blocked. Once you ensure the pot drainage holes are clear and that water can also drain from the holes, you can check if the Orchid mix is old and not draining. If this is the case that the Orchid mix is old, you’ll need to repot your Orchid.

Here are four key tips to ensure Orchids aren’t overwatered:

  1. If possible, don’t water your Orchid wherever it normally sits, such as a shelf. Take the Orchid to a sink and water it thoroughly there. That way, the extra water can drain out and the Orchid plant has all the water it needs.
  2. When you think your Orchid may need water, lift the pot and feel the weight. Lift the Orchid and get a feel how heavy it is just after watering as well as when it is dry. This way, when the plant is getting dry and needs water, you will know by the weight of the pot.
  3. Know what types of Orchids you have and whether each likes to dry out between waterings.
  4. Group your orchids by how much sun they need as well as watering needs. This will help prevent both sunburn and watering issues.

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