Growing Great Phalaenopsis Orchids for the Beginner

Growing great Phalaenopsis Orchid plants can be made easy with these useful tips. Phalaenopsis Orchids are normally found in rainforests, on trees and on rocks. They do not grow at the very top of the rainforest canopy. This means they are not used to direct sun on their leaves. They are used to shady conditions.

At home, a Phalaenopsis Orchid needs to go behind a curtain or on a table not near a bright window. They like to have moisture around the leaves with a humidity tray. Here is an example of a humidity tray. This creates an environment like in a rainforest. Phalaenopsis Orchids should be watered only as the pot gets lighter in weight upon being lifted. They like to be potted in medium bark. Phalaenopsis Orchids should be fertilized with a weak solution of fertilizer every couple weeks. Here is an example of a good fertilizer.

This Phalaenopsis collection is a good one to start with, as not only does it have a variety of standard and novelty Phalaenopsis plants, but they are blooming size and at a good price. If you have any questions, just post comments to this blog entry.

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