Top 10 Differences Between Species Orchids and Hybrid Orchids

There are 10 main differences between species Orchids and Hybrid Orchids.

  1. Because species Orchids come straight from nature and are propagated for us to grow, the main difference is some species Orchids are a bit more different looking overall. As there are many hybrid Orchids out there, they are all bred from species Orchids originally. Eventually there are always some hybrids that look similar to each other.
  2. In general, hybrod Orchids are more prolific. In general.
  3. Species Orchids have longer names overall. Example: Bulbophyllum globuliforme
  4. Hybrid Orchids in general are easier to care for. This is because they have various parents in their background with various tolerances.
  5. Species Orchids thrive more on neglect. They are often used to being from strange environments where they may be deprived of planting material, nutrients, light, or shade… and have to manage to survive.
  6. Species Orchid Orchids are the Original plant, no parentage can be traced.
  7. Hybrid Orchids have family tree able to be traced all the way back to the species they were bred from.
  8. The smallest and largest Orchids are species Orchids.
  9. There are more “pot plants” that are species Orchids.
  10. Hybrid Orchids are cheaper in general due to propagation being by meristem and seed.

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